Keelan Doyle

Keelan has spent the past several years working on both sides of the bespoke music world.

Originally an Electronic Music DJ/Producer, Keelan has gone on to pursue a career as a Creative Producer for various Music Agencies around the world. Working with brands such as Mastercard, Vodafone, Fox and Mercedes Benz to name but a few.

His productions usually lean towards being emotive, uplifting and lush sounding, always following his philosophy of allowing "music to capture and resonate a story, where words simply can't".

Simon Whitehead

Simon is a multi-talented composer, songwriter, DJ and producer based in London.

Simon's style naturally gravitates towards contemporary and electronic genres. Having started the drums from an early age, his use of rhythm and interesting textures & sounds shine through in his productions.

To date, he has worked on music for The Times, Heinz, Toyota, OnePlus+, Sure For Men and Fortnum & Mason to name a few.