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For this edition of ‘Pass The Aux’ we asked Ellen our marketing assistant, to curate and talk us through the top 5 tracks that’s she’s listening to right now.

‘Stars’ – Simply Red


I practically grew up on 80’s music and Simply Red is one of my mum’s favourite singers. How can you not appreciate Simply Red’s smooth vocals? 

I absolutely adore how flawless this track is, both production and topline merge so perfectly and this legendary song will slide into your chilled Spotify playlist like a dream.

Funny enough, I was sitting round a dinner table the other day, handing out secret Santa gifts when one of my mates mentioned this song that she can always listen to regardless of her mood… So she played Chris Isaak’s ‘Wicked Game’- I immediately recognised it as ‘Stars’ by Simply Red. Next minute we’re all belting out the hook in a quiet and sumptuous restaurant. Call me old fashioned but sometimes the old songs really are the best.

‘Christmas C’mon’ – Lindsey Stirling, Becky G


I’m an absolute geek when it comes to Christmas songs and it would be rude not to give this little Christmas jingle the appreciation it deserves.

I discovered this little gem when I was blasting the christmas bangers playlist in my room- As ya do. This song is definitely under-rated and personally would love to hear it across all the shopping centre’s during the Christmas rush. This is quite different from Becky G’s usual sexy sultry spanish style- Which I also relish, but this song shows a more versatile side to her- I crave tracks like these especially during the December period.

If you love the upbeat, get your body moving, singalong x-mas tracks, then you will one hundred percent appreciate this hit.

‘Badass Woman’ – Meghan Trainor


The title explains it all. 

We all have that track in our life that brings us from 0 to 100 in the first second- For me this is that track. The intro hits hard and sustains that high energy throughout, It’s my go-to workout track, it’s my ‘pick-me-up’ track, it’s just an overall kickass, YAAAAS QUEEN tune. 

In this day and age of the Instagram and TikTok takeover, it’s so easy to lose yourself and compare yourself to others’ success’, which eventually takes a toll on our self-esteem levels… Even more of a reason to keep tracks like this on repeat- keep those vibes high people.

‘Sweet Melody’ – Little Mix


MNEK has penned some of my favourite songs for so many artists I admire e.g. Beyonce, Little Mix, Becky Hill, Dua Lipa, Demi Lovato, Zara Larsson and the list goes on…

As you can probably tell by now, I love full diva mode tracks and it was really hard to whittle this down to one single track but ‘Sweet Melody’ by Little Mix made the cut. MNEK has written so many chart toppers for the girls but this song is definitely an urban pop masterpiece.

Firstly I love how the verse lyrics go full story mode. Secondly having the hook separating the first verse from the second- that songwriting form is very rare in the charts these days, but the hook fell effortlessly within the verses almost in replacement of a pre acting as a hooky interlude. The chorus didn’t disappoint either with belting from the power vocalists- It was definitely what we were waiting for from the last single from the four girls. Also it wouldn’t be an official Little Mix track without an Operatic midd 8, staying true to their style, it was a perfect touch for the hot number.

‘Dancing With The Devil’ – Demi Lovato


There’s very few vocalists which make the hairs on my arm stand up, without a doubt Demi Lovato falls into that category.

Demi has a huge vocal range, amazing vocal acrobatics, an unique tone, so much emotion behind the lyrics, and so much sass and I just love her artistry. Her saddest songs are usually the best selling because we get to see her raw and vulnerable side but also because it really allows her to let loose on those pipes which is why I picked the track ‘Dancing With The Devil’. This delicate power ballad explains her drug & alcohol addiction and mental health struggles.

Every moment in the song is precious and the power vocals are such a key element to the overall emotional experience.

Besides being an asset to the Sparks team, Ellen is a singer/songwriter who goes by the artist name ‘Brunette’- Yes, the colour of her hair. You can follow her journey across all social platforms @brunettemusicuk .