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To celebrate National DJ Day 2022, we asked Will Millner to comprise a list of his favourite five DJ’s.

By day Will is an art director at DentsuMcGarryBowen and by night, he runs the London based record label ‘Programm’.

Follow Will here and Programm here.


Danielle is a rising star who embodies the cutting edge of UK bass music. Having spent over half a decade behind the stalls of Phonica she has a deep knowledge that you can only build by living in a record store and growing up with a DnB star as a dad. Each of her mixes is a welcome exploration into new styles and tempos threaded together with impeccable skill. I’m always inspired by the way she contrasts dark with light serving up even the most inaccessible bass music in a way that holds your attention and just makes sense. The Dekmantel festival mix she did last year is a classic example of why she’s one to watch in 2022 and beyond.


Andrew Weatherall

Andrew Weatherall united music lovers from all walks of life. When news broke in 2020 that he had passed at only 56 there was an outcry of love, awe, and loss from almost every corridor of music from heavy metal to young techno heads. It was his free-spirited approach to DJing that rubbed off on me. One great example of this is his 1996 essential mix. He had impeccable taste, was never afraid to challenge a crowd, but always leaned towards his love of dub, punk and ambient. Bringing together styles with an attitude in mind rather than a genre. He was totally dedicated to creative curiosity in music.


Kahn & Neek

These two are legendary Bristol producers who have been a cornerstone to the music culture there for well over a decade. They also help to nurture the next generation through their labels and other curation projects. Wherever you’re lucky enough to see them play their sets are always 11/10 bring new dimensions to bass weight music. The track below is an example of how much atmosphere they manage to create at their shows. It gives me goosebumps listening back to this.


Dj Yoda

I’ll never forget seeing Dj Yoda perform for the first time at a festival in London. He drew me and a friend into a smoke-filled tent with a bizarre mix of ‘Witness the fitness’ by Root Manuva and a sped-up version of a nursery rhyme he was scratching over the top. It was bonkers but it worked so well. He has an eternal sense of fun putting music together in a way that’s pure joy to watch. Remixing culture on the foundations of hip hop and razor-sharp turntable skills. To add the cherry he’s also pioneered his own AV DJing which combined turntablism with clips from films. These sets are as good watching live on a main stage as they are at home during the lockdown. His film Dj Yoda goes to the Movies is a must for any film/music lover. He’s been a big influence on me encouraging me to spend time practising my craft and using technology to elevate the experience, not get in the way.



She has been on a mission the last few years to redefine jungle and footwork with her unique London twist to what used to be more of a US sound. The energy she creates is crazy and is why she has gathered so much support last year rounding the year off on the front cover of MixMag. She deserves every drop of this hype uniting dance-floors with an infectious sound that earnt her in 2021 breakout DJ of the year. If you’re at any festival with Sherelle on the lineup this summer make a B-line to that stage, you won’t be disappointed.


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our ‘National DJ Day’ feature. We’d like to extend a huge thank you to Will for taking the time to get involved.

Be sure to check out Will’s record label @programmldn.