Demos are dead.
Long live the Spark.

A new service for tailoring music to film.

Tailored music for the instant society.

Our platform puts creatives in control of tailoring music to their work. Sparks are faster, clearer and fully bespoke in a world where timelines aren’t getting longer.

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We’re a collective of musicians in our 20’s on a mission to create exceptional and unforgettable music for picture. Our passion lies in contemporary and electronic genres.

Born out of our sister company, Shibui Music, the last 5 years have seen us deliver work for Google, Adidas, Heinz, Toyota, Sure For Men and The Times amongst many many more.

Almost daily, we create & share fresh Sparks for you to twist and mould any way you want.

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We like to keep things close-knit, personal and high quality.

If you’re interested in joining or learning more about Sparks, sign up here and we’ll show you around!